Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A new world

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With sadness we leave the old neighborhood behind. Our sweet friends have abandoned us to paranoia and gossip that ruin friendships. So here we drive and drive to a new land open with possibilities.

The rain washes my windows and my soul clean. I am renewed with brisk air and fresh ideas. Newness takes over and I am feeling lighter than before.

I learned much in the desert about people and plants. Without some kind of stimulation the mind goes bonkers.

What I learned in the desert. Rain is a gift and too much a good thing ruins the abundance. Moderation is key just as Apollo has believed for centuries.

My favorite moments in the desert was the day the monsoons arrived:

Puling back the curtain, we look up at the sky and think maybe today it will finally rain. The cicadas have been calling. High in the trees they chatter like heavy leaves clanging in the breeze. They are like a promise to come.

The air is still. We have gotten used to being passed over by clouds to drop somewhere else. The heat is barely tempered by cloud cover. But it’s still hot and the air conditioner is screaming cool air.

We look out the window while doing chores. A gust of wind drives through our street. We perk up and press our faces to the glass. We watch with anticipation. Another gust of wind blasts the trees as they lean reluctantly.

Squealing with delight the first droplets of rain touchdown. A swell of invisible power made real. A gust of rain blows in sideways. We howl from our front porch, still dry. Another gust comes until big drops of rain pour down noisy and hard. A neighbor runs into the street arms outstretched greeting the rain. She gestures to me and I go into the gusts of grey wind that surround us like fog, yet it is alive with movement. There we feel that power where earth and sky meet. The fierce air pelts us and pinches our skin and we smile wide to have the air turn to liquid.

The gales slow down but a consistent down pour floods the street and mud collects and drifts to find the lowest point. Soaked with water and peace of mind that the monsoons have arrived. We hug in the rain and go into our homes to be dry and content that everything will be just fine for now.

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