Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Heart Shrine

The Heart Shrine

I created this Heart Shrine because we all have to recognize and respect the continuous beating of our own personal drum. But it goes deeper. Altars help us visually connect with what we may be working on. For me, I am continually working, refining and smoothing out the rough edges of my battered heart. And to fill this heart with love is the ultimate goal.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Appraise your heart

I am planning to get my house reappraised and I started
to make of list of things I need to do. Clean up the yard,
make it neat. Clean up the house, make it neat and sparkly

And I started to think on a more personal level. What if
we had to get our soul and heart appraised? Kind of like
spiritual checking in. What would show? Does my heart
look like a closet overflowing, disorganized and full to
burst? Are my emotional scars showing?

I went to an amazing Egyptian show in Sydney called the
The Tomb of the Mummy. I was most moved by the last
thing a soul goes through upon entering The Field of
Rushes (the afterlife). They call it the weighing of the
HEART. Is that just too romantic of me?

If someone came to appraise your heart…what would
they see? What if you had a little warning to clean things
up. Is there really anything you can do to prepare for
that? Maybe not. Get your spirit in order. Focus on the
things that count. And what counts for you?

Just some of my thoughts.