Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dream Seeds

I cast my seeds to the wind
They will grow here without me

Seedlings will lean toward the sun
Hold tight during storms

Greet each day
With smiles and laughter

These dream seeds
Will live on

And when I am dust
They will smile and laugh

Without me

Letters and cards

Downsizing is just that
To carry less in one’s life

And yet I cannot
Let go of some things

Lynda wrote me notes
Constantly in the seventh grade

I never look at them or read them
But each folded note is a time capsule

Lady Moon

lady moon.jpg

Still silent lady

I reach out to you

In the cold night air

Comforted by your presence

Friday, January 06, 2006

Ritual Cleanse

The Dame looks me dead in the eye
With a symbolic scrub brush in hand
Do what you will

And cold
She washes me like a child
I huddle in the tub
Pondering my fate

I stand
She pours a bucket
Of spring water laced with herbs
And spices

Cleansed like never before
I focus on the new year

I cast out
My lazy mind
I cast out
I cast out

I am open to
New beginnings
I am open to
New ideas
I am open to

Sage incense wafts around me
A clean white mantle covers me

Hot peppermint tea
Warms me and soothes me

I lift my face to the sun
And breathe in

I thank the Dame of the Waters
And follow the path into the woods.

This journey

This journey may wash away
the soil that cocoons my roots.
I may drift downstream
bumping into other loose
wild things.
Only resting
when the waters
slow down.
Find a new place
that gives me hope
and space to

Sunday, January 01, 2006

For Heather