Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dreaming Life 101

My dreaming life has been abandoned for more practical applications. My dreaming life is so important to me that I forget who I am if I am not drifting somewhere.

I am happy to rejoin the ever-expanding group. I want to tell you all how much I have missed the halls of Riversleigh Manor. Sometimes I could hear distant laughter. I could not even stop to pause and listen. What a tragedy to have to run around so quickly as to miss witnessing the subtle changes of light and shadow.

I have missed words in written form. Nothing satisfies as much as the inner world of words. I have thrown the window open and hung outside to breathe in the air like a dog from a car window.

I am here! I am ready to go forward with my dream therapy, word sessions, brain detox and the fingertip speedway. My goodness how everything has changed for me. I am currently in a new studio in a new city and state. Gone is the arid desert that taught me the gift of simplicity. Gone is the Sun who burns me and purifies by fire. I am in a different land. I call this the City of Bridges. I am a new one discovering little delights and wonders around every turn. I cannot see my beloved stars. They are hidden in mysterious clouds who swallows the sky. I am comforted by the mist that slowly moves through the hills and pines. I am comforted by raindrops that touch every surface they can find. I am surrounded by green even in winter. The trees have the tiniest buds that are waiting to burst forth.

My hands pause with anticipation. I cannot tell you how I feel changed already and I have only been here for a little over a week. I cut my hair and that was too symbolic. Like leaving old ties and stuff behind. Looking forward to new dreams. I read somewhere that once a dream is accomplished it is important to make new ones. A continuous stream of dreams. How wonderful!

I have been researching via the Faraway Tree my old dreams. I am in a new place with a new agenda. I am so happy to be back!